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About Creative Concepts & GivaGeta, Inc.
Need that perfect promotional item to support your branding and marketing efforts? We can help you with creative concepts to Recognize. Remember. Reward.™ your clients, employees, students, friends and more.

From high school and college sportswear to corporate identity programs to special event collateral's for golf, trade shows, employee or client business gifts, Creative Concepts & GivaGeta, Inc. offers a complete line of products that are customized for our local, regional and international clients.

With professional experience at Fortune 100 companies, graduate degrees from where they first met at Rensselaer-Hartford and practical expertise in marketing and finance, the Cantoni's use the logo they created together - Jackie's signature smiley and Jim's light bulb rising out of a box which represents the creativity and caring for their personalized services to their clients.

In addition to corporate, non profit, association and sports promotions, we help clients with custom branded domestic and imported promotional items.

How the business was founded
When looking to buy a house one fall evening in 1988, finding it challenging to see the house numbers, Jim asked himself why don't houses have numbers that light up? With market research and some ingenuity, Creative Concepts & Consulting Corporation was established in 1993 with a working concept of making it easier to find house numbers at night for emergency personnel, FedEx Ground, friends and even the pizza driver! On May 9th, 2000 Jim and Jackie were delighted to find out when the United States Patent & Trademark Office issued a utility patent #6,060,838 for the illuminated invention. In 2000 with the economy in recession, finding it hard to obtain capital to bring the invention to market, Jackie and Jim started selling promotional products and logo apparel from their home.

in 2005 Jim and Jackie launched "GivaGeta" which is your partner in sparking meaningful conversations with hands-on tools and activities that inspire potential and transform lives.  Give a click to learn at www.GivaGeta.com.

In Spring of 2014, GivaGeta is transforming into part of Realizing Dreams which has hands-on enrichment aides for team building, leadership development and to intrinsically inspire students to reach their full potential. Our newest collective impact tool is called Teamwork and FamilyPlay - The Student Dream Kit™ that discovers what our intrinsic motivations to achieve greater life outcomes. The meaningful student centered enrichment connects schools, families and communities for student achievement. If interested in learning more, in April 2014, we invite you to visit www.RealizingDreams.us.

Wanting to give back with a vision to create a foundation to help children with special needs in honor fo their son Nathan, they bring smiles to other children with multiple disabilities by sending them to summer camp.

Creative Concepts & GivaGeta Inc. counts their blessings and readily acknowledges Jim's Godmother Barbara Wilkes for lending her experience in getting started and to Bob LaPerla, Glastonbury resident, friend and former owner of LaPerla's Fine Jewelers in West Hartford for their first order of custom Swan shaped "fun animal" bookmarks!

We look forward to being of service to you.


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